How To Make Gourmet-Style Restaurant Burgers For Less

How To Make Gourmet-Style Restaurant Burgers For Less



Ever had a hankering for a nice, juicy, delicious burger but at the comfort of your own home?
Ever told yourself, “Self- it would cost too much money to make gourmet burgers at home, and they wouldn’t even taste good anyways”?
Well stop fretting my friend; your worries have been solved.

I have been making my own style of gourmet cheeseburgers from the comfort of my home for several years now and they have never let me down… or my family.  My picky dad and husband will even agree and contest as my witnesses.

Everyone is familiar with the cheap, thrown on the grill, no flavor, infamous “cookout burgers”.
And if you’re like me, they’re overplayed, blan, and just… well… Bleh!

My husband and I are, for the most part, are home-bodies. We have two sons under 3, I’m a stay at home mom- one income family, and my husband comes home overly hot and tired from his demanding job. So needless to say, we’re not going out to eat during the week days unless it’s a special occasion.
I love to cook but what I love even more is shopping on a budget without sacrificing taste and quality.
I started my experiment on “gourmet burgers” several years ago while I was shopping and browsing though Wal-Mart’s meat department. I was craving a good burger but we didn’t want to go out to eat, I hate the taste of cheap buns, and I don’t like the generic, over processed burger patties or chargrilled, burnt to a crisp burger either.
Okay, maybe I’m picky! But being picky led me to some delicious, at-home cheeseburgers.
I started with the Wal-Mart pre-made Sam’s Choice Angus burgers with cheddar and bacon (they come in 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 lb burger patties and several different styles of ingredients). If you don’t buy the frozen pub burgers with bacon inside, then make sure you grab a pack of bacon. Trust me, who doesn’t like extra bacon anyways.
Being picky again… I will not eat the yucky, regular, taste-like rubber, sliced cheese that you can get 50 slices for 50 cent. So I grabbed a bag of deli style sliced cheese (about $2.30 for 8-12 slices and WELL worth it).
I then started exploring the bun aisle.
Of course I was instantly telling myself- NOPE, NOPE, NOPE… NOPE.

I always thought the bakery section was just cakes, occasional rotisserie chickens, and big bags of French bread. But as I turned to exit the bread aisle, I noticed the huge wall of fresh, bakery bread.
Hmmm…. what do we have here? Croissants, chiabata bread, challah and kaiser rolls …..
A whole bag of 8 buns for $2? Sold!
Each time I would do these burgers I would try different style burgers, different cheeses and different bakery rolls and buns.
Every time… still a success.
Every time still leaving the family amazed!

When I make the premium Angus burgers from Wal-Mart my husband rates them a 10 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being top-notch, restaurant quality).  Well this week I have hit the lotto.  To experiment on my own I bought the cheapest pack of regular frozen hamburger patties from Kroger for only $4.99 for a pack of 8.  I was going to pay $8.99 for Kroger’s premium burgers (similar to Wal-Mart’s) but #1 I did not want to spend that much on this shopping trip and #2 I wanted to experiment.

I hope you’re still here reading and not discouraged. Because it’s about time to get grillin’… I mean griddlin’? Griddlin? Meh It works, yes griddlin’!

Okay chefs dig those dusty, wedding gift griddles out and let’s get cooking, griddlin’? Whatever… let’s get griddlin’!

How To Make Gourmet-Style Restaurant Burgers For Less
Source: Candice Knight @TheDialtownDaily

Servings: 4-6     Time: 45 Minutes     Difficulty: Easy

Preheat Griddle at 350 degrees
 1 pack of premade, frozen burgers (either premium style or cheaper version)
 1 pack of deli style sliced cheese (at least 8 slices for 4 burgers)
 1 pack of cheap bacon
 1 pack of deli style burger buns (i.e. chiabata, Kaiser, challah, etc)
 1 medium sweet onion, sliced
 1 tomato, sliced
 Reserved grease from burgers and bacon
 Optionals: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo

Preheat your electric griddle to 350 degrees.
Pop your frozen patties on to the preheated griddle. 
Cooking for at least 4 minutes on each side, or until all red juices are gone.
While the patties are cooking, place the bacon on a broiler pan and put in the 
oven on broil for 4 minutes, pull out, and set to the side.
If your patties are done cooking, put a slice of cheese on top of the patty 
until cheese starts to melt. Now place patties on a plate to the side.

Place the bacon on the griddle to finish cooking, leave the grease on the griddle.  
Put the onions on the griddle to caramelize.
Cut the rolls/buns in half and place cut-side down in the grease.
 (The bread will soak up the grease and toast at the same time.)
On the bottom half of the toasted bun, put another slice of cheese, 
then top with a burger patty.

You can complete your burgers adorned with caramelized onions, 
garden fresh tomatoes, and lettuce.

Serve with a 7-Layer Salad and a big glass of sweet tea.

America, you’re welcome.





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