We love our boys.

The Dialtown Daily


Vibrant, fun, full of joy
Loud, energetic, lots of toys…

Where there’s dirt, they will be
Muddy hands and skint up knees…

Farmer’s tans and mosquito bites
Watching stars out late at night…

Favorite uncles and monster trucks
Bugs and dirt, you’re in luck…

Barefoot, ant bites, dirty toenails
He loves the outdoors, I’m sure you can tell…

Play hard, sleep hard soon you will see
The life of a boy is so simple and free…

Live by the moment, have no fears
Testing the limits with a worried mom near…

Loads of laundry, stacks of dishes
They can wait we’re out catching “fishes”

When they’re tired and fast asleep
Just know they’ll be grown in one short leap…

So leave the dishes and the dust
Play with your sons, that’s a must…

For one day fast a man they will be
No more toys and no skint knees…

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