My name is Candice, from the blistering hot South…

I am the BLESSED mother of two handsome, smart boys (5 months and 3 years) and the wife to an unbelievably good-looking and devoted husband.  I enjoy spending time with mi familia, being outdoors, writing, horses, photography, checking off my bucket list, Montana, George Strait, baking, SWEET TEA, Chick-Fil-A Frosted Coffees, having kids and smelling fresh, clean laundry.  I do not enjoy mosquitoes; ants; low fuel lights; or unsweet tea.  I graduated college with High Honors and Phi Theta Kappa Honors and plan on continuing my education further.  I have been writing since elementary school and have won several awards and scholarships.  I have an amazing, big family and we all live in a close proximity.

I love writing from the heart and being driven by real-life experiences.

My writing interests are real-life events, recipes, How-Tos, and reviews.

For media and business inquiries, please email TheDialtownDaily@gmail.com.

Above all, I thank God daily for my life and everything in it.  I am one blessed lady.


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